Friday, July 9, 2010

Why am I indecently exposed?

Last night was horrific. We got really drunk & ended up at little James' aunts house at 1am talking about divorce. She gave us funny old man kind of cigarettes & a bottle of wine. I accidentally robbed her posh crystal glass & now it's mine. I woke up in my bra, tights & fur coat.
Today me, James, James & Clarissa are supposed to be going to Galway but they're all fucking sleeping. I want to buy those hot-ass Topshop wedges & some other bits in the goth shop lolz. We're goin to see Eclipse as well & there better be a McDonalds pitstop cos Im hungry as hell. Oh jesus I wish they'd all wake up, I have no patience. Okay enjoy this tune cos it's fuckin rad. Okay BYE.

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